Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I love my speech class! Soc is pretty great too. Been sick on and off for the past week, but I'm feeling well right now. Getting back into the swing of relaxation CDs, my HRV training, and stretching. I know it's been said a hundred times, but I have to take care of myself. Like I have to actually DO it. My mom keeps a "Wellness Journal" -- a list of the things she actively chooses to do each day to promote wellness. A good night's sleep, a power smoothie, a good chat with a friend, it all goes into the journal. Maybe I should start one for myself. Today's would look like:

-90 min relaxation/visualizatoin
-60 min exercise
-60 min talking with a friend ;-)
-75 min learning new material in class
-one giant, delicious salad! with pine nuts and craisins
-other good foods. peanut butter. milk. kiwi. hummus. lots of water.
-60 min catching up on Downton Abbey :)

Ah! Downton Abbey Gingerbread House! Brilliant.

Anyway. I don't expect I'll be writing on here too often, so in the meantime, love one another. Be well. Embrace any and all opportunities to enhance your health. Love your bod. It does a lot of nice things for you. It deserves to be loved.

peace and all the rest,

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