Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gettin' Trained

I am feeling SO much better -- big thanks to my mom for pushing me to eat my superfoods even when my digestive system was nutty. Getting proper nutrition from real food is so important.

Last week I started training at the front desk at work. Wow, what a sudden appreciation I have for people who are on their feet all day! Fitness centers in January can be insane-- all the special promotions for New Years Resolutions, plenty of tours, and a good chunk of new members.Still so much for me to learn, but I'm picking it up pretty quick. Hoping I'll be able to man the desk alone before too long. I trained for 14.5 hours, plus my usual 4 hours in childcare... I worked almost 20 hours this week! Crazy! (Can't wait for that paycheck *wink!*). I am so blessed to be this healthy right now. School starts in 10 days!

Please continue praying for my mom, and for my whole family. We have come upon an emergency situation, and it is a very stressful time. I will keep the blog updated as we get more information.

My sister goes back to college tomorrow. It will be a bittersweet parting. Sweet because I get the bathroom all to myself!! :-)

take care. love each other.

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