Monday, May 21, 2012

Midnight Me

After a tiring day, I regularly go to bed at 11. Eleven-thirty rolls around. Then (good morning!) midnight. I hop out of bed, check out my inspirational quote for the day, and sneak downstairs, because I know I won't fall asleep until at least 5 a.m.

Every day. Five a.m. Oy! So I might sleep 5 to 9, get up, then run out of steam and take a short snooze in the afternoon, but what gives? I'm exercising now; shouldn't that help iron out the bumps in my sleep schedule?

Speaking of working out, guess who's gaining muscle? Huh, huh? Well it might be this 115-pound kid right here! Bam. So long, twiggy self. I feel like setting an arbitrary goal. How about 124 by the the 4th of July! Oh yeah. Make it happen. *chugs Ensure*

Many of my peers have had their graduation ceremonies in the last couple weeks. I won't lie, it's sad. But the key is to let myself grieve a little and let that stuff go. Times like these, I do a grand job of staying off Facebook and away from friends' pictures. That helps a lot.

Some blurry vision of moving objects. Patchy memory. But overall improving. Tonight I shall watch some more of a documentary series I quite enjoy: The Weight of the Nation. It brings up a lot of factors I hadn't even considered. Yay public health!

Good night, sweet insomniacs. Dream of dreaming.


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