Saturday, April 21, 2012


I've been really disoriented the last couple weeks, like floating around my head. I'm officially off the Ambien; yay, no more doing crazy things at night. But I'm only able to sleep a couple hours at a time a couple times a day. So I'm usually up most of the night, watching dramatic (see: hysterical) Lifetime original movies.

Added Gatorade to my diet. Thinking about taking on this exercise regime. Regimen? Reggie-O? Cheerios? Wait, what... brain fog talking. Limiting my screen time. Peace out.

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  1. If you are still having trouble sleeping try some lavender oil!. I rub that sucker all over my wrist and it helps put me right to sleep! Some suggest putting it on your neck or on a tissue and stick it inside your pillow. You can purchase a bottle at Whole Foods :)

    Congrats on getting off the Ambien! Hope this helps put you to sleep like a baby.