Thursday, December 9, 2010

New York City

It has been a while. Many good things. A few not-so-fun things. What have I been up to? Time-traveling. Awesome but exhausting. Each day feels like a week. I'm somewhere between 1983 and 2010, most often. Organizing my grandparents' house is a treat. I'm able to do a lot (by my standards), and I'm processing so much and growing so much. It's really good...but weird. I catch myself thinking, What year is it. How old am I. Did I actually have that conversation recently, or was I just reflecting on it? Why don't I have those pink footie pajamas anymore? Is it still Wednesday?

Newsworthy things:
-A POTSie friend of mine (mid-20s, diagnosed 1.5 years ago) is doing SO much better! She's living on her own and working - teaching ballet 6 days a week. Amazing!
-Another high school student in my area has been recently diagnosed with POTS. I look forward to talking with the family and offering our online community support.
-God is crazy-awesome.
-Giving inspires giving.
-I worked for 5 hours at my mom's office! Fun!
-Got called for jury duty. What up, citizenship.
-Ensure doesn't taste so bad anymore. Drinking plenty of it.
-I'm going to be adult staff for March Snowball!!

So please excuse me, I have some read-give-sing-sort-stretch-wrap-dog-write-eat-sleeping type things to do.

(Sleeping around 10 hours a day. Yay!)

Favorite Christmas song you haven't heard yet: "Toy Packaging" by Sara Groves.



  1. Hi Emma! Thanks for commenting on my blog; it's great to meet others who share this strange journey! I also put my education on hold while we looked for a diagnosis. I love, btw, your ability to celebrate every milestone- it's so important to surviving the treatment process! I'd love to see some of the treasures y'all have found going through your grandma's house.

  2. hey Emma!
    Just wanted to say I'm glad you are improving! Do you think it has to do with the supplement? I'm thinking of trying it as its good for small fiber neuropathy. Did you get tested for this? via sweat test?

  3. Sarah-

    Yes, doing better definitely because of the supplement. Nope, didn't get tested. It was recommended by a friend and I just ordered it online.

    I have an online buddy with SFN who's thinking about trying it out too - I could link you two to talk about it more?