Sunday, July 18, 2010


Maybe read this one faster. Ready? Graduation party--Kangen water--running errands is fun--getting dressed in real clothes! I love books--Dr. Grubb delayed again--the CHP looks after its own--Krannert happy face. Then tired and grouchy and palpitations--slept 0 hours and 0 minutes--hit my head on the bathroom floor--"Do not be afraid"--then the power went out for 12 hours and how did people live before refrigerators? Sunrise. Stayed awake the whole day (yes!) and then slept for 11 hours! It was de- waitforit- lightful.

Saturday was the best day ever. They called me and I. BABYSAT. MY. CHILLUNS! zomg. We played soccer and had a party. Kate told me everything that I missed in the last 2 years. (Retainer-expander-braces-headgear! "Since February, Emma. FEBRUARY.")


In video games or seeking compromise at bedtime, Jack's favorite phrase is "Work with me". The first time he said those words, it struck me. That's my prayer. That's what I'm praying for. Work with me, God. And he does...?! God sees me and sympathizes with my pain always, which makes him good. But how he works, how he weaves messiness into opportunity, sooner or later, near or far, that's what makes him great. From tragedy to triumph, he's there. And yesterday? Triumph.

I think it starts with being open and embracing a spirit of humility. I'm just a teeny microscopic presence in this world. I'm not much matter, but I do matter. Who knows what's in store for the days ahead. All I can ask is, work with me. :)



  1. Hi Emma! I haven't been to Facebook in about a year, but thought of you this morning and logged on. I loved this message, Emma. Thank you! I don't often find much about humility or seeking God on the internet, and this was exactly what I needed to read this morning :)

    Take care and write back if you feel so inclined.