Saturday, July 24, 2010


Today I met a cute boy at a garage sale. His name is Tyler. He showed me his old car, told me about the new school he's starting in the fall, and got my phone number. Did I mention he's five? Yes, years old. His Cars car ("life-size!") broke because he buried it in a sandbox. At day camp. Recently.

This is a glimpse of the perfect babysitting client. Fun-loving, talkative, great location, and a fan of teenage mutant ninja turtles. I liked how he introduced his sister. "She's zero. [Thump] See? She fell down. She's a baby."

It's been a great week -- only a few rough hours with the weather changes and increasing the pH of the Kangen water. It gets complicated that you can't eat or take meds with it, but I think the "magic water" is helping! Hoping things continue to get better, so I can spend more time with little, small people. Small people who run down the driveway after just meeting you.


infectious happiness,

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  1. WAY cute post!! Yay for better days!