Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Matilda by Roald Dahl

There should be a grocery store check-out for people who are far too tired to stand in line to check out. I see all you red-shirt-and-khaki types roaming about the store, with your walkie-talkies and your name badges like you're so special. Well, hello special DAVE. That's a nice polo you have on. Listen, I have a little favor to ask. Ah jest git so tired an' dizzy from walkin' around this great big sto'...couldja please open up register 23 for me? Gosh, sugar, you'd jest be my hero!

Alas, chivalry is dead, my stamina is fading, and there's only one lane open. I lean against the counter, waiting in line between a screaming baby and a frustrated mom going Emma. Emma. Emma, get back here. Emma, don't touch that. Wait til we get home, Emma. Emma! Emma!

BREATHE. Tomorrow will be better.


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