Saturday, May 1, 2010

The View from Saturday by E. L. Konigsburg

Titles for this month are inspired by books that have affected me at some point in some way. Yes, after four months of Pandora QuickMix song titles disguised as a theme, I may occasionally put thought into these.

Billy Elliot was great. I could do an in-depth Chris Jones-esque analysis of the (explicit) script, score (meh), staging (cool), and choreography(!!)... but this blog is about me. I'm SO happy I made it through an entire evening sitting up! And this was after two days of feeling crappy and I hardly slept AND it was raining. I still made it! One step closer to Broadway. Now if only I had that kid's pirouette. I need to get back into the arts. See: Act I closer - "Angry Dance." :)

Meditating again. So great to clear the mind. A little spring cleaning, if you will.

Thanks to my fourth grade teacher who read to my class every day, even when my classmates were playing MASH or sleeping.

mrs. olinski,

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  1. I love E.L. Konigsburg!

    Glad to hear things keep improving. I've been following the story, even if I haven't piped up much. :)