Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

The first and last hour of my days are utterly useless. I lie in bed, eyes flitting, wondering how long my thoughts will be pea soup. But I rather like pea soup, so eventually I get up to eat and write this.

Tests came back. MRI, EEG, Holter, and Glucose: all normal. Funny enough, I had a full-on (for me) seizure in the neurologist's office after she delivered the news. She is convinced (and we agree) that my episodes are not epileptic seizures, just a manifestation of autonomic dysfunction.

Speaking of POTS, we have set up a new treatment adventure. Dallas, here we come! Here's the link again, for Dr. Mary Kyprianou at the POTS Treatment Center. I will go through a two-week regimen, from October 22 to November 2. I need to read more about exactly what I'll be doing, but it includes biofeedback treatments, about 90 minutes each day. A friend of ours said it was the best thing she's done for her POTSy daughter. Hoping for some positive results!!

Right now I'm pretty limited. Couch-bound, but saving up energy to see friends every few days. Getting out and having fun -- SO important to maintaining a good outlook. Friends keep my mind off my health issues.

Just 6 1/2 weeks until we depart. Let's do this thing!


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  1. That is fantastic you are able to get out and visit your friends. It's healthy for your soul and mind and keeps you in the fight!

    Please post how the treatment center goes for you. I have been considering going myself. Good luck!