Sunday, October 10, 2010


[In music, a 64th note.]

It is the tenth day of the tenth month of the tenth year, and my birthday is in ten days! 10/10/10, T minus 10. To quote a personal hero of mine: Tender.

Tomorrow I start a new adventure! It's a dietary supplement called Max GXL. A POTSie friend of mine has significantly improved on it. It may take about 3 months to see a difference. And - GO!

I want to conduct Niska Banja. I miss my choirs.

mindy is so cool!

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  1. Hey Emma;

    Been too long cogitating on seeing you in MI and on what to say about it. First, I love you. This is a given, genetically speaking. Second, I admire you. What you've been up to these past two years is unforgettable, unbelievable, if those aren't mutually exclusive. Your openness and thoughtfulness and funfullness are admirable and thus comes mine. Do not despair although I get the feeling you are mostly incapable of it. Having read your recent posts I am reminded of MI and laughing hysterically at...well, I won't say what. At silly things,
    let's leave it there. And I know how you got those bruises. Pounding yourself on the leg in an effort to get air in your lungs (they're higher) from guffaws aplenty. Also, you kicked
    yourself in the eye; you told me so! I wouldn't have believed it, but it's true!

    You came for the wedding but in truth you came for us, the family. So used we are to good health - a place where genetics has failed you - that we've been flummoxed what to make of yours. But by showing up, putting up and being present - by which I mean really ON, adding to the fun at EVERY opportunity - you've given a glimpse into a trait I was afraid missing from myself. Courage. You got it. Maybe I do too.

    And bless you from here to forever for the kindness and love you show Julia. It's absolutely palpable when around you two. Believe this if you believe anything; you have helped that girl be a bigger person (no, not a comment on her height, har har) and she is mature beyond her years for the help you've given her. Did you know that? Just always wear your seat-belt, OK?

    Hope it's OK to post this. Probably would've been better on an email. But I was moved here to do this now and so there you go. Plus I was really impressed by your Wiki hits and so wanted to share in the glory.

    Tell your sis hi, I love her, too. And your folks? Hug-em-up; deal? UP.